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Типовые варианты использования

With the highlights of high security, high efficiency, intelligence, and energy saving, the RG-S5300-E series can fully meet
networking requirements in the following scenarios:

  • Full gigabit access to LANs of large enterprises, institutions, and campuses, such as the LANs in government buildings,
    universities, and large manufacturing/energy/metallurgy/other organizations;
  • Gigabit access to business systems related to medical care, libraries, exhibition centers, and websites;
  • Access to IP phones, WLAN access points, and HD cameras;
  • Gigabit access to server clusters and uplink access over 10G bandwidth;
  • Requirements for flexible and diversified security control policies to prevent and contain network viruses and network
    attacks, and to provide secure access for users.

The RG-S5300-E series serve as access switches. They network with aggregation switches deployed for buildings (RG-S5760X
series) and core switches deployed for campus networks (RG-S7900E series) to provide high-performance 1000M links to the
desktop and 10G links from the aggregation layer to the core layer, so as to cope with the increasing information of access
users. In SDN solutions, the RG-S5300-E series are capable of providing access control, visualized O&M, and other intelligent